Solar Panels Not Working

How To Tell If Your Solar Panels Are Not Working

Older or cheaper Solar PV Panel systems can experience problems generating electricity. Over time, solar panels lose efficiency and can stop working altogether. It is also common for components other than the panels to fail that prevent the system generating any electricity at all.

Before we look at some solutions, let’s look at some common symptoms when solar panels systems are not working.

  • Higher then expected electricity bills
  • Lower Feed In Tariff payments
  • Monitoring system shows no generation
  • Solar Inverter is switched off
  • Solar Inverter light is red
  • Trip switches / fuses keep blowing


Common Reasons Why Solar Power Is Not Working

Dirty Panels

If your panels have been in place for some years without a clean, then they could lose efficiency as dirt and bird mess accumulate.

Solution: have a professional company clean your panels.

Prevention: Consider applying a treatment that prevents dirt from sticking to the panels

Microfractures & General Cell Degredation

Small cracks can appear in the PV cells that reduce efficiency or in the worst cases cause the whole system to fail. Similarly, PV cells degrade over time and lose efficiency.

Solution: have an engineer check over your system to identify any problems. If necessary, replace the broken panels.

Prevention: Traditionally, solar power systems have one central inverter which connects all panels. Installing a microinverter such as Enphase keeps the whole system working even if one panel fails.

Inverter Failure

The most common cause for a system failure is a broken inverter. While solar panels often come with 25 year guarantees, the inverter often has a life span of 5 – 7 years. If this component fails, you will not be able to produce electricity.

Solution: replace your solar inverter.

Prevention: replace with a high quality microinverter with a good warranty period.

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