Heat Pump Advantages & Disadvantages

What are the advatages & disadvantages of heat pumps?

Heat pumps can be excellent heating systems for households and businesses. Before you decide whether a heat pump is right for you, let’s take a look at some of the advantages & disadvantages of heat pumps.



  • Save upto £1,090 on your heating bills*
  • Reduce your Co² emissions and carbon footprint
  • Heat Pumps require very little or no maintenance
  • Receive £855 to £925 cashback per year in the form of the Renewable Heat Incentive*
  • Replaces your boiler & provides hot water & heating
  • Replaces gas, fuel or oil heating
  • Fast, no mess installations
  • System often “pays for itself”*
  • Control heating & hot water from your phone
  • Excellent for off grid properties
  • No fuel, oil, LPG or coal deliveries or storage
  • Safer than combustion heating
  • Longer life spans than most other heating systems

The main benefit from installing a heat pump are the financial savings you can make. Not only do you save money on heating bills (up to £1,090 when switching from heating oil*) but you also receive cashback every quarter from the government based on how much energy you use.

As heat pumps are more efficient that conventional heating, the cost to the environment is much diminished and can reduce carbon output by 7 tonnes when compared to coal or 3.3 tonnes compared to a gas boiler*.  To give you some idea what that means, it would take over one hectare of trees to capture that amount of carbon!


  • External installation, so can effect the look of your home
  • Lower temperature outputs
  • Planning permissions is sometimes needed
  • High initial costs
  • Slow to heat up

Heat pumps have a lower temperature output than traditional heating and so you may need to increase the size of your radiators. However, if this is not possible, you can opt for a high-temp split system that avoid this requirement and does not cost any more than a standard air source heat pump.

As the unit is mounted externally, the household asthetics may be affected. Also, in Wales & Northern Ireland, planning permission may be required. In Scotland & England, it will depend on the size and type of your property.

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*Data from The Energy Saving Trust – figures correct as of June 2017. Speak to one of our friendly advisors to find out how quickly your Air Source Heat Pump would pay for itself in the form of Government incentives & reduced energy bills.


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