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Interested to see how Solar Pv works? Check out our easy guide and video below as well as our customer testimonials.


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We attach panels to a special aluminium mounting system which we secure to your roof. This mounting system is usually applied directly to the rafters for security. We can then add solar cells directly to the tiles on your roof. We do find that new builds can be more suited to this process.

Suns Energy 

Suns EnergyThe panels will then generate a direct current (DC) when the sun shines.  This then flows into an inverter box which will then create an alternating current (AC).  This is what you use in your home to power all your electrical appliances.  The brighter the sun, the better, although you will still be generating electricity even when the sun is not bright.

 Suns Energy 

Suns EnergyAs the inverter box creates alternating current, this is taken to the appliances in the house that are using it.  The electricity goes directly from the inverter box to the TV, or the washing machine as you’re using it.  Anything you don’t use is exported back into the national grid.

 Suns Energy 

Suns EnergyAny energy that is generated and exported will create an income via the Feed In Tariff Scheme. The excess electricity that the Pv System produces can be exported or can be stored in a battery storage system rather than being filtered back into the grid, this enables your home to use the energy you have produced out of daylight hours.










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