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SunsEnergy Ltd was established in April 2012 after the dramatic reduction in the Feed In Tariffs (FITS). This was an opportunity to bring our clientele a customer service driven business to an overpopulated sector that had not been putting the customer first. We can provide commercial as well as domestic Renewable Energy installations & SunsEnergy Ltd teams have worked on a number of prestigious buildings across the UK including the Thames Barrier.

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Our Renewable Energy Products

SunsEnergy can provide you with a range of Renewable Energy solutions that are not only good for the environment, but also offer financial advantages in the form of reduced energy bills and government incentives. Check out our products and remember, we have advisors waiting to talk to your right now and answer any questions you may have.


As a Napit and MCS accredited company we have installed over 1000 domestic Solar PV systems! The feedback can be seen in our fantastic testimonials

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We are a accredited installer of air source heat pumps for domestic and commercial premises, this technology can reduce energy bills and heat your home and hot water

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Our qualified team have worked on some of the largest commercial installs in the UK including specialist sites such as nuclear power stations and the Thames Barrier!

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Battery Storage is a fantastic innovation allowing the excess energy produced by a Solar Pv System to be stored and used rather the pulling energy from the national grid.

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Are You Interested to see how Solar Pv works?

We attach panels to a special aluminium mounting system which we secure to your roof. This mounting system is usually applied directly to the rafters for security. We can then add solar cells directly to the tiles on your roof. We do find that new builds can be more suited to this process.

The panels will then generate a direct current (DC) when the sun shines. This then flows into an inverter box which will then create an alternating current (AC). This is what you use in your home to power all your electrical appliances. The brighter the sun, the better, although you will still be generating electricity even when the sun is not bright.

As the inverter box creates alternating current, this is taken to the appliances in the house that are using it. The electricity goes directly from the inverter box to the TV, or the washing machine as you’re using it. Anything you don’t use is exported back into the national grid.

Any energy that is generated and exported will create an income via the Feed In Tariff Scheme. The excess electricity that the Pv System produces can be exported or can be stored in a battery storage system rather than being filtered back into the grid, this enables your home to use the energy you have produced out of daylight hours.

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